grace for that

I am remembering a brief one-on-one with a conference speaker many years ago. She was an experienced mom with mostly adult children and mine were still young. Here’s the most important thing she shared with me that day:

“There is grace for all of the experience of parenting. When we make mistakes – and we will – there is grace for that. The Lord’s grace will see our children through. As Sovereign Father, He ultimately shoulder’s the responsibility.”

Now that most of my children are adults, I know she was right. He has never failed. Despite my mistakes, He is ever strong, wise, and good on behalf of my children. I have learned to trust Him.

Susan’s journal, Feb. 26, 2013


One thought on “grace for that

  1. Big Amen to that! I have certainly had to trust Him for taking care of my children, and He has taught me radical grace to see through the veil to the truth.


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