We serve a jealous God. But He is not jealous in sinful ways as we are. We say “I want what you have!” His jealousy is aroused at anything that threatens covenant. Del Tacket, The Truth Project, Susan’s journal, recorded 4/06/11    


“It is good to know my sin can break God’s heart at any time . . . Repentance changes deterioration.” Crawford Lorittes interviewed by Anne Graham Lotts Susan’s journal, recorded 4/06/11


excerpt from A Life God Rewards, Bruce Wilkerson . . . “If you are a Christian, you have been commissioned to manage an asset for your Master. Your asset is your life – the sum total of your talents, strengths, personality, and interests. Your opportunity is to manage your life in such a way that … More steward


When I offer my spiritual gifts to bless others the Lord smiles. He is pleased when I give away the gift within me. Indeed, the Lord requires that I give out what He gives in. Susan’s journal, recorded 3/30/11

learning vs. blaming

The opposite of learning is blaming. When we say, “It’s all my fault,” or “It’s all their fault,” we shut down learning. Teachable people don’t allow themselves to become a victim. Teachable people are resilient. Susan’s journal, notes from an interview with Chris Westhoff, recorded 3/30/11

Tessa’s October Journal

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” Heraclitus, quoted by Mallee McGee, recorded 10/10/15 “Maybe you don’t want to change the story because you don’t know what a different ending holds.” Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts, recorded 10/19/15


I just finished listening to Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm by Kate Douglas Wiggin, a beautifully written book! One statement stood out to me: “A new sense was born in Rebecca as she hung over her mother’s bed of pain and unrest – a sense that grows only when the strong bend over the weak” (Chap. … More Bending

One Book

“If I could turn back time and do those 30 years over again, I would spend more time reading the Bible and less time reading other Christian books.” Jack Deere, Surprised by the Voice of God John Wesley said of himself, “I am a man of one Book.” Wesley had an intimate knowledge of literature, … More One Book


Steps to a fresh outpouring of the Spirit: Holy discontent Spiritual hunger Awakened faith Abandoned obedience New vision Multiplied influence Susan’s journal, recorded 4/13/11