Lizzie’s December Journal

“I’ll live my life to the fullest. I will be bold and not change who I really am. I will go on adventures and save the world.” Brooke Bronkowski, Crazy Love, recorded 12/10/15 “The only thing stronger than hate is love.” Elizabeth Speare, The Bronze Bow, recorded 12/9/15 “Every hour is a dollar gone.” Patrick McKeeny, recorded 12/9/15

Bekah’s December Journal

“You can stay in here and remain safe. But when you step out that door, you are an Avenger.”  Jeremy Renner, recorded June 201 “Love never dies, Love is always faithful.” Christine Daae, recorded Sept. 2015 “The earth is not as it should be.” Pastor Brent Sharpe, recorded Dec. 2015

Johanna’s December Journal

“Love your siblings well.” Kristina Linson, home, recorded 12/10/15 “It’s the little things that no one sees that result in the big things everyone wants.” Craig Groeshel, Life.Church, 1/14, recorded 12/4/15 “Leave everything on the base line.” Jed Cravalho, volleyball practice, recorded 12/6/15 “There have always been conquerors and there has always been deliverance.” Malthace, The Bronze Bow, recorded 11/30/15 … More Johanna’s December Journal