separation and unity

God has provided a way to be completely unified with Him through Jesus. Any separation between my Father and me is of my making; any degree of separation is a choice I make. He welcomes me completely. Susan’s journal, recorded 5/17/11


Disciplined people choose to live within or submit to a set boundaries for the higher good. Sometimes these boundaries are set by God or those who He places in authority over us. Sometimes we choose them for ourselves. Rebellion is pushing against these goodly boundaries. Here are some time-honored disciplines: Mental disciplines: study, meditation, writing, … More discipline


My core code for a life of hospitality: A poor stranger found his way to a monastery door. At his tentative knock, the door was thrown open and he was greeted with these words of welcome: “Thank God you are finally here! We’ve been waiting for you.” Jesus is the wandering stranger. His people are my … More hospitality


According the the Webster 1828 dictionary, the word influence is derived from the Latin words influens, influo – meaning to flow in. As a noun it means to have influence on or in a person. As a verb it means to move another person to action by affecting her/his mind or will. I love godly influence. I deeply … More influence

a measure

This quote from James Goll, a favorite author/mentor, gave me perspective. I can grow into new measures of influence in due season as the Lord wills, but in the mean time, I need to fully steward the measure already at work within me. “Our measure of delegated rule is determined by three elements: our measure … More a measure