a measure

This quote from James Goll, a favorite author/mentor, gave me perspective. I can grow into new measures of influence in due season as the Lord wills, but in the mean time, I need to fully steward the measure already at work within me.

“Our measure of delegated rule is determined by three elements: our measure of gifts, our measure of authority, and our measure of faith. [It is fool-hearty to compare our measure to anyone else’s.]

“The Lord determines our measure of rule according to His sovereign will, and He gifts and equips us accordingly. Our measure of rule sets boundaries for what God expects of us at any given time.

“In God’s system of evaluation and reward, faithfulness is more important than volume . . . The key is to be faithful with what He has given us. Whether large, small, or in between, our measure of rule is very important to God. It is a crucial part of His overall purpose for the redemption of mankind.

  • Measure of gift – the specific level or degree of grace gifting we have received from the Holy Spirit, a measure sufficient for our sphere of influence
  • Measure of authority – functional position and sphere of influence. Inside this sphere we will be highly effective. Outside, our influence will decrease (II Cor. 10:13).
  • Measure of faith – the degree of confidence with which we move in our gift with authority (Rom. 12:3).”

James Goll. Dream Language. Destiny Image Publishers, Inc, 2006, p 100 – 101. Susan’s journal entry, April 2011


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