According the the Webster 1828 dictionary, the word influence is derived from the Latin words influens, influomeaning to flow in.

As a noun it means to have influence on or in a person. As a verb it means to move another person to action by affecting her/his mind or will.

I love godly influence. I deeply desire to be moved closer to the Lord by the “in flow” of others, and in turn, I am honored when I have the privilege of being an influence.

It is weighty to realize that we influence others whether that is our motive or not:

  • Speaking of not speaking
  • Taking action or not taking action
  • Praying or not praying
  • Loving or withholding love
  • Giving or withholding the gift

Questions to consider:

  • How am I using my influence? Lord, show me how to influence my inner circle and ultimately those beyond my generation. Show me how can I influence today.
  • Who influences me? How?
  • Do I welcome or resist the influence (the “flow in”) of the Holy Spirit?

Susan’s journal, recorded 5/4/11


One thought on “influence

  1. Susan ~ these questions are critical in many areas of life … thank you for sharing this and many other insightful, wise questions and information I have appreciated so much


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