Disciplined people choose to live within or submit to a set boundaries for the higher good. Sometimes these boundaries are set by God or those who He places in authority over us. Sometimes we choose them for ourselves.

Rebellion is pushing against these goodly boundaries.

Here are some time-honored disciplines:

  • Mental disciplines: study, meditation, writing, memorization, reading, research
  • Spiritual disciplines: prayer, treasuring wisdom, Sabbath rest, fasting, application of the Word, faith, forgiveness, worship, remaining in the Vine, silence, obedience
  • Relational disciplines: love that is willing to risk, trust, listening, quality time, accountability, transparency, honesty, empathy, conversation
  • Physical disciplines: nutrition, flexibility, aerobics, refreshing with water, building muscle, cleansing, enjoying nature
  • Home disciplines: beauty, order, peace, safety, simplicity, comfort, unity, hospitality
  • Work disciplines: initiative, team work, submission, accountability, perseverance, integrity, creativity

As I have pursued a disciplined lifestyle, I have found it helpful to focus on one discipline at a time. For a season I may set the alarm clock for 4:30am for early morning prayer. In another season I may seek healing in silence. Practicing one discipline tends to enhance the acquisition of others.

Susan’s journal, recorded 5/11


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