relational wisdom

I am daily meditating on these consolidated definitions from Danny Silk’s book Keep Your Love On. (Such a life-giving book!) My thinking is bathed in relational wisdom as I put this paradigm into practice.

a powerful person – someone who intentionally takes responsibility for his/her life choices (instead of blaming others or saying, “I can’t.” or “I have to _____.” )

  • He chooses to love others while they are still sinners.
  • She chooses who she wants to be with, what she is going to pursue in her life, and how she is going after her goals.

consumers – those who look to people with love, happiness, joy, and comfort to offer – because they don’t have any of their own

responsibility – owning responsibility for my life and choosing to protect my love relationships

anxiety – the fear that surfaces when I believe that others are more powerful than me and that my life is out of control

child of light – my powerful identity in Christ

freedom – operating in my higher identity and responsibility as a child of light. Freedom is my higher calling. It flows from understanding Kingdom self-government – love and responsibility above rules and punishment.

us – our family’s intimate love relationships

protecting us – protecting our intimate love relationships

Danny Silk, Keep Your Love On, Susan’s journal, recorded June 2016


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