remember and rejoice

This passage from The Elusive Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy struck me as the exact way I should analyze any prison in which I find myself. Remember and rejoice. Jesus is aware and very near. He knows and will act.

“Had she the right to despair? She, the wife and intimate companion of the man, who had astonished the world with his daring, his prowess, his amazing good luck, she to imagine for a moment that in this all-supreme moment of adventurous life the Scarlet Pimpernel would fail!

“Was not English society peopled with men, women and children whom his ingenuity had rescued from plights quite as seemingly hopeless as her own, and would not all the resources of that inventive brain be brought to bear upon this rescue which touched him nearer and more deeply than any which he had attempted hitherto.

“Now Marguerite was chiding herself for her doubts and for her fears. Already she remembered that amongst the crowd on the landing stage she had perceived a figure—unusually tall—following in the wake of Chauvelin and his companions. Awakened hope had already assured her that she had not been mistaken, that Percy, contrary to her own surmises, had reached Boulogne last night: he always acted so differently to what anyone might expect, that it was quite possible that he had crossed over in the packet-boat after all unbeknown to Marguerite as well as to his enemies.

“Oh yes! the more she thought about it all, the more sure was she that Percy was already in Boulogne, and that he knew of her capture and her danger.

“What right had she to doubt even for a moment that he would know how to reach her, how—when the time came—to save himself and her?

“A warm glow began to fill her veins, she felt excited and alert, absolutely unconscious now of pain or fatigue, in this radiant joy of reawakened hope.”

Excerpt From: Emmuska Orczy. “The Elusive Pimpernel.” iBooks., Susan’s journal, June 7, 2016


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