the sage

“The Jews sometimes speak of the Old Testament as the Law, the Prophets, and the Writings. These books are associated with a class of people called wise men or sages who are listed with priests and prophets as an important force in Israeli society (Jer. 18:18). Wise men were called on to advise and instruct the young . . . Wise men were concerned about practical and philosophical matters . . . Some of their writings like Proverbs were optimistic . . . Other materials like Job and Ecclesiastes were pessimistic” (NIV Study Bible, Zondervan, 1985,  Introduction:Proverbs).

The calling and life work of the sage is very attractive to me. I wonder if it would include gathering up wisdom like treasure: searching out a matter, meditating on the profound, and teaching others to love the same. The Lord’s mysteries beckon alluringly.

Here’s what I think I know about loving wisdom so much that I am compelled to pursue it:

  • We must be willing to search for it; it is muscular spiritual disciple.Wisdom is hidden for the purpose of delight and instruction. It is hidden not from us but for us. The culmination of diligent search is great joy.
  • We need a place to store what we discover so it’s not lost. Wisdom is easily forgotten.
  • Wisdom builds on itself over the years and spills over into eternity. Earth and heaven are alive with wisdom that is revealed in revelational increments as we can handle it. Wisdom can be applied on earth as it is in Heaven.
  • Wisdom can be passed to other generations from our own. It reaches.
  • Wisdom elevates the perceiver to a place of higher perspective. Vision from this perspective is absolutely necessary at intervals to prevent strangulation from the routine and mundane. Indeed it provides the purpose for everyday life and glorifies it. It provides a central dock from which to set course.
  • Wisdom is a Person. His Glory is first source. All wise principle is derived from His express will. Wisdom is doing what God does, saying what He says, thinking what He thinks.
  • Wisdom connects us to deeper wisdom in cycles. One truth leads to others and back to wisdom’s Source.  By meditating on one concept, we are enabled to hear echoes of that same truth all around us. By branching into these new lines of understanding the foundational truth is broadened and strengthened.
  • Those who love wisdom are increasingly desperate to hear it. It is an insatiable search.
  • Wisdom from experience yields rich rewards. Both positive and negative events teach wisdom. No truth revealed through experience is wasted – if redeemed.  When treasured and practiced, wisdom from the experience of others also has great worth.
  • Wisdom from intellect and the accumulation of knowledge is valuable, but this type of wisdom must be handled humbly because it puffs up.
  • Applied wisdom has the power to affect deep change over our will and character
  • Wisdom presented in love with humility is almost irresistible. However, wisdom with arrogant undertones always repulses the hearer.
  • Some wisdom is learned. Some wisdom is inborn. Some wisdom is imparted. Inborn wisdom goes beyond instinct and is expressed in simple trusting love. Learned wisdom comes from study and mediation in the Word. Imparted wisdom is a Spiritual gift.
  • The search for wisdom requires faith. Those who seek must believe that He exists and rewards those who diligently seek Him.

Susan’s journal, recorded 4/2011


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