Welcome to jointjournal!

My name is Susan Ekhoff and I’m honored to oversee this blog.

My husband Richard and I have seven children ranging in age from the late 20’s to mid-teens – each so different it is a wonder they are siblings. Teaching my children at home has been a twenty-year plus investment and I wouldn’t trade a day of it for anything. I also teach a writing class at small Christian school in Tulsa. Students inspire me.

Above all else I love Jesus and I am passionate about journaling my journey with Him. Along the way I love encouraging others know the Lord more intimately through writing.

This blog provides a peek at the whys and hows of journaling and is stocked with edifying entries from the journals of my friends and students. Our posts relate to being in relationship with Jesus, each other and ourselves. It is our joy to testify to the Holy Spirit’s activity in our lives.

We pray that these wisdom nuggets will stir you to take up pen and record your own adventure with God.

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