Susan – I record my conversation with the Lord in my journal and encourage others to do the same. The nuggets of wisdom posted here were first written in my journal. They ministered to me and I pray they will minister to you!

My writing students share this space with me. They are extraordinary, and I respect and love them. They introduce themselves below:

Tessa – I am the 3rd of 4 sisters. Our family enjoys camping, traveling, basketball (any sport), and just being together. Drawing and singing run in my family. I am deeply inspired by those who have courageously brought the light of Christ to people who are in need.

Allison – I play on a soccer team called the Stars. I like horses, drawing, and reading. I would like to publish books and care for animals.

Ava – I am a competitive dancer for In His Service Company, The Calling Dance Academy, a strong Christian dance studio. I am kind and servant-hearted, helping Mom and Dad in the kitchen. I also enjoy writing class with Mrs. Ekhoff.

Brooklyn – I am 11 years old and the 5th child in a family of 10, including 2 adopted children from Uganda. I enjoy writing and reading, especially mysteries. I am smart, funny, and a good friend.

Allyson – I am a part of a family of 4 and love playing with my sister. I am considered homeschooled but also attend Christian Education Alliance. I enjoy dogs, drawing, catching insects, and sometimes video games.

Luke – I am the youngest member of my family. I am fun, daring, friendly, loud, and cheerful. I enjoy reading, running and swimming. My life verse is Romans 8:38 – 39.

Korbin – I am the 2nd oldest of 6 siblings. I am energetic, fun, and like to collect rocks and sharp objects.

James – I am the middle child in my family. I attend Christian Education Alliance. I enjoy playing basketball and football.

Teresa – I am an outgoing, fun, and loud teenager who is a part of a family of 11. I enjoy Jazz, Hip Hop, ballet and contemporary dance. I currently attend Christian Education Alliance and my goal is to receive my master’s in dance and choreography.

Teagan – I am the oldest child in my family. I enjoy playing volleyball, basketball, soccer and jumping horses. I use my talents to please God, who is number one in my life.

Haylie – I am clumsy, sporty, and servant-hearted. Whenever I trip or fall, I seem to make people laugh. I also play sports and do my best to use the talents God gave me.

Johanna – I am the youngest in my family of 4. I am grateful, encouraging, and  a servant of God. I attend Christian Education Alliance that teaches students to have a compassionate mind and patient heart.

Lizzie – I have tons of hobbies: riding horses, drawing, and playing piano. My family has 6 great people in it. I love jokes and sea turtles. My favorite food is s’mores.

Bekah – I am a loving, caring, and imperfect person. God, family and music are close to my heart and without them, I don’t know where I’d be today. Having a relationship with God is what makes me incredibly elated.

Allie – I’m in love with love. I have a passion for all things artistic.


One thought on “contributors

  1. Hello Susan,
    I just read through your blog and LOVE it! Of course, I do! I loved you immediately when I met you 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your gift and your calling with me and with others the Lord puts in your path.
    You have inspired me to keep writing and to be more purposeful in my journaling.
    You are my favorite new friend and I am still thanking God for you!!
    Love in our Lord,


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