worthy matters

What should we write? The following are idea starters for those who would like to journal in ways that give glory to God and teach us His ways. Jot a note about:

  • Scripture verses that just brought revelation
  • The memorials (God met me here)
  • Outstanding or persistent prayer needs, answers to these prayers
  • Wisdom nuggets: quotes from sermons, books, or lines of songs, etc. that spoke in a meaningful way (For longer quotes I make a copy and double-stick tape or staple it onto a journal page.)
  • Godly advice
  • God’s direction in times of decision
  • A teaching or sermon outline/point that I feel God wants me to remember and put into practice
  • The movement of God in my life or sphere of influence, or enemy movement for battle strategy
  • Lessons learned from experience
  • Revelation, hidden Truth revealed, “Wow, now I understand!”
  • Corrections and repentance
  • Foundations and principles
  • Commitments and goals
  • Discernment, reflection and meditation
  • Dreams, visions, and prophecy
  • Miracles
  • Examples of Godly character that I want to emulate or character that I want to avoid: These are impressed on me by the Holy Spirit from the lives of biblical saints, characters in books, historical figures or present day people. Memorial services are excellent places to hear God speak on this topic.
  • Letters that encouraged me (I double stick tape or staple them into my journal)
  • Leaps of faith
  • Questions I am holding before the Lord or ideas to research

In short:

Write what the Lord has just revealed.

Write what you are saying to God.

Write what brings the Lord rightful credit and glory.

Write what you should remember.

Write what could increase the wisdom or faith of those who will read the journal later.


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